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Abigayl is an angel in Heaven with true wings. Abigayl's room is decorated with all sorts of beautiful butterflies and every time we see one we know she is right there with us.

This page is to add pictures of beautiful butterflies. Please keep her memory alive by adding the beautiful butterflies that you find or take pictures of.

Lila's Mommy August 20, 2009
thinking of a special butterfly baby...

You are such a precious little angel, Abi.  You came into this world and blessed your mommy and daddy with your sweet gentle ways, and your soul has left an impact on so many here on this earth.  I can't wait until the day I get to meet you in Heaven.  I just know you'll be right there with my Lila Grace and I'll know exactly who you are.  With lots of love, Carrie B.

PS Watch over mommy and baby, send them lots of love from heaven <3 :))))

Lila's Mommy July 17, 2009
Butterflies for Abi.

I saw this butterfly puzzle and thought of you.  It's amazing - just like you Miss Abi!

Lila's Mommy June 3, 2009
thinking of you little butterfly..
Mommy May 23, 2009
Happy Birthday to My Sweet Girl
Happy birthday Abigayl. I bet we would have had something like this for you. I hope that you are having the best birthday party in God's house. I'm sure it is far better than what I could have done for you. I miss you though. Have a wonderful day in Heaven. I will be celebrating you here on Earth.
Lila Bower's Mommy May 21, 2009
Butterfly for the Birthday Girl

Where better to spend a birthday than with the one who created us?  I know you are safe in the arms of Jesus on this approaching birthday, and what a special place to be.  You're a special little girl who touched the hearts of many.  I'm sending all my love and prayers to your mommy and daddy this weekend. xoxo.

-lila's mommy.

mommy May 15, 2009
Waiting for summer
 I can't wait to have summer arrive. I am ready to see the beautiful creatures that remind me so much of you. I selfishly wish you could be here to experience spring with me. To see the pretty flowers bloom and the baby bunnies run around in the yard. I miss you sweet Abigayl. I love you so much. I know you are in a much better place but sometimes I wish you were here with me. You are so missed and so loved.
Lila Grace's Mommy May 12, 2009
Butterflies for Abigayl
image Pretty pink ones for you baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But their wings aren't as pretty as yours i'm sure.  What could be prettier than the wings of an angel?
Mommy May 11, 2009
A gift from Grandma Patty and Grandpa
image Grandma Patty and Grandpa brought this to me for mother's day. It is almost as beautiful as you! Now I will have another reminder of my angel to show off every day. I love you my little angel. I hope that you are having fun with all of your angel friends. Hugs and kisses to you my dear, sweet girl.
Mommy May 11, 2009
Mother's Day Butterfly
Lila Bower's Mommy May 11, 2009
Butterflies for Abi!!!!!!!!!!
image I thought of you and how your mommy said butterflies are your thing, baby girl.  So here are some pretty butterflies all for you!  Send your mommy extra love today on Mother's Day!!!

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