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daddy Christmas December 25, 2012
We took your brothers to Disney World for Christmas this year. We all had a good time, but I couldn't help but feel sad knowing that I had promised you a trip to see the castle when you were a baby. It hurts that I never got the chance to fullfill that promise to you. I couldn't help but to imagine what it would've been like with you there with us. The night we watched the fireworks I cried tears for you wishing that I could see your reaction and hug you and let you know how much your daddy loves you. I hope you received the kisses I blew you as the colors lit the sky, wishing upon a star that you were by my side.

I was alaways so excited to come home from work, I would hurry inside to check and see if your bedroom door was open, if it was I knew you were awake. I'd check the kitchen first cause you liked to sit in your walker and watch your momma prepare dinner, if not there you were playing on your tummy time mat in the L-room. You would always look up at me as if asking where had I been all day. I'd snatch you up and we would go and sit on the couch. I loved to recline and lay back with you on my chest. You would just look up at me those beautiful blue eyes and I felt like I was in Heaven. I miss you baby...



We planted more flowers in your garden. It is a birthday present to you my angel. I know you would have liked all the pretty smelling flowers. I bet you would have been out there picking them! I miss you baby. Only a few more days until your 1st birthday. I love you sweet angel. I miss you so much. I can't wait to have you in my arms again. My arms ache to hold you and my lips ache to kiss you. I can't wait until we meet again.
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